Modern sales software for home technology professionals.


Let's face it.

The current process for selling home technology isn’t awesome.

It typically includes too many meetings, emails, spreadsheets, revisions, and engineering hours.  


Slateplan was designed to help you

and your customers collaborate, learn about and select the right products for each project, and agree on budget.

In person. 

In real time. 

In a single meeting.

“Sales professionals in our industry should be able to offer their customers a modern, collaborative design and budgeting experience.

Slateplan accomplishes this, and in the process helps establish the salesperson as the trusted technology expert.”

- Vin Bruno, CEDIA CEO
Slateplan enables integrators to strike while the iron is hot, leading to more sales and a better client experience.

- Randy Stearns, CEO of D-Tools

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We think Slateplan is the best way to collaborate with your customers, but we're probably a little biased, so don't take our word for it!  Try out Slateplan free for 14 days to see for yourself. 

The pricing for CEDIA Members is just $49/month or $490/year, which includes access for everyone in your company. No upfront fees, no maintenance fees, no upgrade fees--everything you need is included. 

If you're not a CEDIA Member, you can purchase a subscription for $249/month or $2,490/year.  However, many manufacturers, buying groups and industry trade associations can provide you with additional discounts, ask them to see if you qualify!



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